Saturday, 30 November 2013


I am so excited for tomorrow, firstly because its the 1st of December and that means there is only 25 days left until Christmas and secondly because this year I am filming VLOGMAS! I am so excited to film! As I have explained in my last video, I will be filming every day and uploading a weeks worth of vlogs in one video, Videos will be uploaded on Sundays and I will be filming from 1st until the 31st of December!

I also wanted to apologize due to the lack of blog posts recently, obviously I have college which means I have tons of work to do and at the moment I am plowing my way through 9 assignments which is taking me for ever I am hoping to have at least 4 done this weekend so I have more spare time.

I'm now off to hopefully film a "whats on my iphone" video, the set up is really awward though because I dont have a tripod right now *prays I get one for Christmas* so I am currently trying to film it on the floor which is the most awkward and most uncomfortable thing ever hahah That video will be uploaded later today so keep an eye out on my channel for that!

As of late I have been very active on Instagram too which you can follow here: 

Please leave any requests for both my blog and videos down below in the comments and dont forget to watch vlogmas this year too!

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  1. I'll definitely watch some of your vlogmas video's! good luck, hope its going well x