Sunday, 10 November 2013

Review | Primark false nails

I recently went shopping to Liverpool and whilst there i was on a mission to find cheap and affordable false nails. In Primark i found nails for £1.00 so i decided to pick a few up and review them for you all.

The sizing of the nails are actually perfect for the size of my fingers, although they were quite long so i just filed hem down. The glue that you get with the nails is not very durable so i basically just use superglue **WARNING: if youre going to use superglue to glue your nails on be very careful not to get it on your skin and if you do glue your skin together put it under hot water and use nail polish remover to remove** i find using super glue is way more durable than nail glue and my nails usually stay on for around 3-5 days.
When i was gluing the nails on a few would slip and i found that the coloring of the nails went all over my hands which im hoping comes off or i’m stuck with black all over my hands which will not be fun.

I’ve had the nails on since this morning and over all i would say for £1 they’re pretty good and i probably will purchase more purely because they’re so cheap and pretty good quality. I recommend that you give them a go! 


  1. My friends had the gold set of these, really need to get me some <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  2. They're really good for the price, i wouldn't use the glue though, from my experience it doesn't really last 5 minuets