Saturday, 23 November 2013

Top 5 songs right now

 I have such a wide range of music taste, I don't have a particular genre that I like it's just kind of like "oh i like that song". I do however like Dance/Electronic music like Avicii and I love Rudimental so much.

My First favorite song is story of my life - One Direction. If you know me you'll know that one direction are my idols and I love their music so much! And I may have already downloaded the leaked version of midnight memories oops.. (If you haven't heard it yet and you're a fan of the boys, you'll love it!)

So if you're British you will have seen the John Lewis advert on TV like a million times already and its only November! I already liked Keane's version of this song so much so this was an automatic favorite for me, i love Lily's version of the song. It also makes me feel all Christmasy, if you haven't seen the advert go and watching it on YouTube because its so sweet !

Since I was little I have always loved Arctic Monkeys and recently I have been listening to this song a lot so I decided to include it, and if you havent heard this song, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!
I love this song so much, its one of my favorite songs, its so chilled out, I am literally in love with their whole album, I remember hearing the song on TV so many times and not knowing what it was called so when I finally found the song i was so excited! 
This post would not have been complete without Avicii. I'm always going back and forth with which song i'm listening to but right now I've been enjoying listening to this one because it reminds me of last spring. But yeah I am basically in love with Avicii, I have a whole playlist dedicated to him and its my go to when 'im bored or just wanting to listen to some music and i'm not sure why but no matter how many times i play his songs i never get irritated by them.

What is your favorite song at the moment?! leave me a comment below and tell me! Also subscribe to my youtube channel as i'm posting a video tonight!


  1. Literally love all these songs! I love Angels but Story of my Life is defo my fav song right now too! Have you heard Little Mix - Four Walls? It's so good! xxx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  2. The song off the john lewis ad is amazing!


    1. I love it so much and the video is so sweet!

  3. I enjoy much of the same music taste as you. I like such a wide range of bands and artists, from one direction to fall out boy. x

    1. I hate how people think just because i like one direction i have a bad taste in music when i listen to so many different genres!

  4. I think one direction have some really great songs