Sunday, 17 January 2016

Skincare routine / Products I use

When it comes to skincare im really the worst person ever, ive only recently started to get into my skincare products hense why theres so little I use! For the new year I decided I wanted to look after my skin more and I wanted to share what products I use!

The first thing im going to talk about is my cleanser because naturally thats what you use first, well I do anyway.
My cleanser is by tropic, its an all natiral crulety free amazing brand which I cant get enough of! The cleanser leaves my face feeling fresh and clean, ive not had any breakouts from it and i use it nearly every day, ive had this since august and its still going so for £20 its really worth it! You get a muslin cloth when you buy the cleanser which is so soft but mine is incredibly filthy so i decided not to show that one! 

Next onto my favourite part! FACE MASKS! I currently have 3 but ive not used of yet so I wont talk about that one! The two I will talk about though are my love lettuce face mask by lush and my sanctuary deep heat clay face mask! Honestly I love both of them, they both leave my skin so smooth.

You have to keep the lush one in the fridge to keep it from going off because all the ingredients are completely natural and it will go off just like food does! My face feels and looks so smooth after using this, it removes all the dead skin off my face as it exfoliates my skin, I love lying in the bath feeling it dry on my face!

The sanctuary face mask is a deep heat one, I find that the heat doesnt last for too long its there when you put it on and last for a couple of seconds and goes, but either way my skin is still left feeling smooth! 

I have a naobay toner, this is from a glossy box a few months ago, honestly I rarely use this, im not too sure what its for or how to use it so im hesitant to put it on my skin incase it breaks me out! So i cant really say much about it.

I use this moisturiser when i get out the bath, I rarely fake tan but i'll use this before i do! It makes my skin soft and hydrated! Its so easy to apply too you spray it on and rub it in easy as that!

If you know of any other skincare bits i could try leave a comment below!!

Beth x

Friday, 8 January 2016

Urban decay: Naked smokey palette

Personally I only really liked the naked 1 palette, I just felt like it had the perfect mix of colours for me, that was until I recieved the smokey palette for Christmas! Its beautiful, I love it for those more dramatic looks.

With the colours being so dark and dramatic I was expecting a horrible fall out ruining my face makeup however I was happily surprised as there was no fall out at all!

Although its very dramatic you can use it for everyday making it such a versatile palette.

My favourite combo for this palette that I have been wearing literally everyday is applying password as a transition colour in the crease then whiskey to deepen it up and then dirtysweet across the lid, I love it, all the colours compliment eachother perfectly and this has been something ive been going for everyday!

This palette retails for £38 in debehnams  or I found it alot cheaper on feel unique for £34.20 

Monday, 4 January 2016

New years resolutions 2016

Hi guys, I really want to make this year my year where I make everything I want happen!

The first thing I really want more than anything is to start my own sucsessful makeup artist business and be able to leave mcdonalds for good! That will be the best day of my life! 

The second thing is to really concentrate on my youtube and my blog because i love doing it! I just need to force myself to find the time!

The last thing is that I want to be happy with my life, and have another great year with two of my best friends.

Friday, 11 December 2015

GLOSSYBOX: Rose Gold Edition review.

I signed up for my glossybox subscription a few months ago, and I absolutely love my little presents to myself every month. For only £10 its a bargain, you receive 5 products inside the box which are from a range of prices. I have decided to start reviewing my glossyboxes for you all and hopefully convince a few of you how good they are!

In this months Glossybox (December 15) I received an additional product, so that's 6 products in total three of which were full sized!! This box is worth over £50!

First the ĂȘtre belle Golden skin caviar eye roll on, I've been using this for a few days now and I can see a difference in my eyes, my eyes look more awake and more refreshed and feel more hydrated, I still want to test it out further before I do a full review but so far i'm loving this product. The full size product is £30.66.

So Susan Statement skin highlighter pencil. I LOVE THIS! This is so so so good it looks so nice when the light hits it, Its easy to apply too. You literally just swipe it where you want highlight and blend with your fingers or a sponge. Its only £15 too. I received the full sized product in the glossybox and I would highly recommend picking it up!

Collection Long lasting nail Effects. Honestly collection in general is not one of my favorite brands, they have a couple of amazing products like the eyeshadow palettes and the concealer but other than that im not really a fan and honestly you get what you pay for. The nail polish in my opinion would be good as a top coat with a different polish underneath is as its very sheer. The full sized version of this is £2.99.

Hylamide Pore delete, I haven't actually tried this however i am expecting good things with the full sized product being £18. It as the name suggests reduces the look of pores, I myself dont really suffer with bad pores so i might try a little bit and maybe give it away to someone who it would be more useful for. You use it after you have done your skin care routine or between foundation and powder.

Essence Liquid lipstick 'show off'. I love the colour of this, its a really bright red, I've never tried a liquid lipstick before and i'm so impressed with this one! The formulation of it is really nice too it hasn't dried out my lips any more than they already are, overall I love this!

Lastly we have the 6th product, starskin bio-cellulose second skin mask, Im very excited to use this mask on a pamper night, it is said to hydrate and rescue your skin which honestly is just what I need. The mask is soaked in 30ml of vitamin packed serum which is apparently ythre equivalent of a full bottle, This will be so nice when I'm having an evening in chilling and pampering myself! i cant wait! You can get this from selfridges for £8.50

To sign up for your glossybox Click here to take you to their website

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Makeup geek eye shadows!

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk to you all about my favorite shadows, they're the Makeup geek shadows! They're absolutely amazing, the most pigmented eye shadows I've ever used! They retail on the makeup geek website for $5.99 for the regular shadows and the foiled shadows for $9.99. Obviously you need to pay shipping for them too, when you buy single eye shadow pans its around 8.99$ if you live in the UK and 11.99$ for palettes, i'm unsure of US and any other shipping prices but im sure they'll be really affordable like they are for the UK.

The eye shadows themselves are SUPER pigmented and creamy. They blend really nicely without loosing any pigmentation too! There is a huge range of shadows to choose from, to start with I would purchase the beginner palette which comes with 9 gorgeous shades: Shimma Shimma, creme burle, Glamorous, coco bear, mocha, corrupt, unexpected, prom night and drama queen! Theyre all super wearable colours for all skin tones, they will literally suit everybody! I love every single on of these colours no joke, I cant even pick a favorite they're all so good!

As well as my Zpalette I purchased 5 more colours recently off the website because i loved them so much! These colours were:: Burlesque, taupe notch, moondust, vanilla bean and whimsical.

Whimsical is my only foiled shadow as they are the more expensive ones to buy but having said that i will definetely be buying more foiled because the pigmentation on these colours are just amazing!




Thursday, 30 July 2015

MAC Lipstick collection

So for my first post in a while I wanted to do something exciting! I don't really have that many mac lipsticks and I couldn't actually find one of them which is annoying. All the lipsticks I do have though I absolutely love MAC lipsticks are my favorite lipsticks I have ever tried! So if you haven't tried one yet you should pick one up! £15 is a little bit pricey but they're so worth it! 

Angel is the first ever MAC lipstick I had! It was a Christmas present from one of my friends. As you can see its well worn! Its definitely great for a first mac lipstick as in my opinion it will suit most skin types and looks absolutely gorgeous on anyone! Angel is a frost lipstick. Its a pretty light pink colour, i'd say its one of those "your lips but better colours". As far as texture goes I find it really creamy and quite hydrating on my lips! I love it, Its my favorite one I've tried! Definitely pick up this one!

 Rebel is another much loved lipstick especially in the Autumn and Winter! Its a satin finish and comes out much lighter that it looks in the tube its like a dark fuchsia pink colour to be honest! I used to wear this all the time when I was in college but lately I've found putting a lipstick on a bit tricky and its kind of put me off my darker colours a bit. Having said that I still love this colour and think that its really unique and worth trying out!

Lady bug is a sheer but build-able light red colout, I believe its a luster finish. Its again quite hydrating on the lips. I wouldnt say its the best red if you wanted a really bright red lip then this isn't for you but if arent quite as confident and you want a sheer red lip then this lipstick is fab! I love wearing this when I go out and have to look put together, or even when i just want to have a bit of colour on my lips!

Up the Amp, where do I start with this one!? Its such a pretty colour! I love it! Its an amplified finish which means its really opaque! I cant really describe the colour its definitely purple though I've never seen anything like it before. I love wearing this with quite a basic eye look I think this colour really makes your lips pop! It glides on and it quite creamy, not as creamy as angel though and I find it quite east to apply!

 Diva is definetely one for the Autumn/Winter time, its a matte deep berry red and looks absolutely stunning, This lipstick on its own is quite drying and difficult to apply however use a lip balm underneath it and its so much nicer to apply! One thing I would say about this though is it washes me out a little bit so I have to apply a really light coat of it on my lips or wear fake tan other than that its a beautiful colour!

Creme cup is my most recent purchase. I bought this off a discount website my friend Ashleigh recommended to me for £12.99. This is a light nude pink colour, Its very creamy and glides on your lips effortlessly. I love this colour with neutral eye looks or everyday wear. I feel like with this colour because it is so creamy it will wear down really quickly. 

Brave is the lipstick that i couldn't find to put in this post I literally have no idea where I have put it i'm so annoyed at myself because this lipstick is gorgeous! I think its one that Kylie Jenner wears because it was so hard to get hold of, i'm not sure though so don't quote me on that! Anyway, this is a gorgeous pinky nude colour which again is amazing for everyday wear its on the darker side of the pinky nudes, it was just a perfect lipstick. I definitely recommend it!

I really do love mac lipsticks and even though my collection isnt the biggest its still growing so expect another one of these in the future!

Beth x