Sunday, 17 January 2016

Skincare routine / Products I use

When it comes to skincare im really the worst person ever, ive only recently started to get into my skincare products hense why theres so little I use! For the new year I decided I wanted to look after my skin more and I wanted to share what products I use!

The first thing im going to talk about is my cleanser because naturally thats what you use first, well I do anyway.
My cleanser is by tropic, its an all natiral crulety free amazing brand which I cant get enough of! The cleanser leaves my face feeling fresh and clean, ive not had any breakouts from it and i use it nearly every day, ive had this since august and its still going so for £20 its really worth it! You get a muslin cloth when you buy the cleanser which is so soft but mine is incredibly filthy so i decided not to show that one! 

Next onto my favourite part! FACE MASKS! I currently have 3 but ive not used of yet so I wont talk about that one! The two I will talk about though are my love lettuce face mask by lush and my sanctuary deep heat clay face mask! Honestly I love both of them, they both leave my skin so smooth.

You have to keep the lush one in the fridge to keep it from going off because all the ingredients are completely natural and it will go off just like food does! My face feels and looks so smooth after using this, it removes all the dead skin off my face as it exfoliates my skin, I love lying in the bath feeling it dry on my face!

The sanctuary face mask is a deep heat one, I find that the heat doesnt last for too long its there when you put it on and last for a couple of seconds and goes, but either way my skin is still left feeling smooth! 

I have a naobay toner, this is from a glossy box a few months ago, honestly I rarely use this, im not too sure what its for or how to use it so im hesitant to put it on my skin incase it breaks me out! So i cant really say much about it.

I use this moisturiser when i get out the bath, I rarely fake tan but i'll use this before i do! It makes my skin soft and hydrated! Its so easy to apply too you spray it on and rub it in easy as that!

If you know of any other skincare bits i could try leave a comment below!!

Beth x


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